Statements: how much can they help?

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I applied to MFA programs four years ago and am gearing up to go through this again. However, I don’t feel as anxious because I am confident with my writing this time around. And also, I’m applying to only two schools. This post (which I just recently discovered and will be re-visited) was helpful regarding the personal statement. Check it out!

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Writers often ask what they should put into a statement, and how influential these very short writings are in the whole of admissions. 

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25 Things a Former New Yorker Learns The First Year in SF


Piggybacking off of Bold Italic’s article about 25 things you learn first year in SF, I have compiled a few of my own.

BART is a joke. Public transportation doesn’t run 24/7. If you live in SF, your social life won’t be too bad, unless you want to spend mad dough on late night taxis. If you live in Oakland, Good luck with that.

Which brings me to, Lyft, Sidecar, Uber, etc. Use these apps. They are more accessible than yellow taxi cabs.

Bars close around 2 am. This means two things: lots of day drinking parties on the weekends and getting to a bar and/or club around 11ish to be kicked out a quarter to 2 am.

People Actually wait at the crosswalk when there is a red light. You will look weird for crossing the street when they aren’t approaching cars.

SF Fun cheap is the website to check daily for kool activities to do in the Bay Area. Including a shout out to The Guardian and SF Weekly.

Museum Mile? Psh. SF has First free Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sundays of the month of most museums in the Bay Area. In addition to the many art walks that occur on every other weekend/day of the week.

The SF public library is gorgeous, has many resources, and a great place to spend your time – if it wasn’t smack in the middle of the Tenderloin.

Drink and smoke grass in public? In a park? During the day? Don’t mind if I do! No way that would Ever happen on the east coast.

Union Square in SF is Not the same as Union Square in Manhattan. Think Fifth Avenue.

You can find a Farmer’s Market in almost every part of the Bay Area year round.

SF rent Really is more expensive that Manhattan rent. Seriously.

Hmmm…pupusas in the Mission are the Best…ever!

Chain bookstores in the Bay area? What’s a chain? Lots of awesome bookstores to browse new and old books all over.

There’s a lot of friendly flirtiness going on here; so girls And guys, tread lightly.

The sights in this town are literally to die for. Gorgeous. Can’t get enough of the eye porn.

Muni, BART, SamTrans, CalTrain, AC Transit – all different transit agencies with different fares, schedules, and service different sections of the Bay Area. Clipper Card is like the Metrocard. As thick as a credit card. Register your card online. Very helpful to track down if and when you ever lose it.

For Broadway lovers, the Theater district in this town is non-existent. There are traveling big name shows and a handful of theaters that all together make up a theater community, but no, there isn’t a theater district where you can show up and decide to see a show for the day or night. There is no TKTS, unfortunately.

It’s-It – is a thing. One bite of the yummy ice cream sandwich deliciousness and you’ll be hooked.

Free walking tours of SF all the time. Yes, Free!

Old school movie theater houses are beautiful and a must to watch a movie in them; the experience is unforgettable.

Safeway is on every corner. It’s like your [insert closest supermarket here]. Same difference.

No bodegas. There are many delis though.

Union square and the Westfield Mall are good for shopping. Any name brand and familiar chain store you like or love? You’ll find at one of these locations (also in walking distance of each other).

Super Duper Burger is the poor man’s Shake Shack. And you will never want to eat McDonald’s again after eating at In-and-Out Burger.

Layers are your best friend. Always always always carry a light sweater or jacket. You never know.

What Makes a Good Live Show?


What is a good performance? I recently went to a few concerts back to back this past weekend, Live 105′s BFD and The Faint, respectively, and discussed a few performers from the BFD concert with a co-worker. Continue reading

The Artist’s Way


Artist's WayAuthor: Julia Cameron

The first time I did The Artist’s Way, I was in my mid-twenties and in a rut. I had writer’s block and was stuck in all arenas of my life. I was working in film production and was all about it but still skeptical. My brother had a copy of this book and I did the 12 week program with a meetup group years ago in NYC.  Continue reading



LolitaAuthor: Vladimir Nabokov

Publisher: Vintage (1955)

Nabokov’s prose is simply excellent, stellar, and beautiful. The writing is undeniably eloquent and clever on all fronts. The story about Humbert, although, as everyone knows is disturbing but not as disturbing as one might think. In the afterword by Nabokov, he writes how people read the first “act” so to speak of the book and when nothing truly erotic happened, they became bored. I wasn’t bored but after a certain event happened, I remembered thinking, “There are 200 more pages of this?!?!” Humbert is a despicable human being and what he did to Lolita, even if she wasn’t a virgin, is inexcusable.  Continue reading

Documented – Define American


DocumentedLast night I attended a screening of the film, Documentedwritten, directed, and produced by Jose Antonio Vargas who is an undocumented American from the Philippines. His film was about his undocumented status and you wonder, why hasn’t he been deported? Well, he doesn’t pose a threat because he’s a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, he pays taxes, and he has become a productive member of America.   Continue reading