I May Destroy You

As a survivor of sexual abuse, I fully expected to be confronted with my demons and triggered in the worst way. In some parts of this show, I was and in other moments, I felt healed and vilified. For everyone else who have dodged this particular trauma, this show depicts PTSD and the effects of […]

Cinderella (1997)

“Impossible!” This is the earworm in my head, sang in the late Whitney Houston’s voice. In 1997, I was a teenager and not interested in fairy tale stories anymore. I was way more interested in watching movies, reading Christopher Pike books, and watching MTV every day. Now as an adult, I saw this indiscretion as a missed opportunity. To have seen our girl, Brandy aka Moesha, as a Black princess on network television in the nineties? I mean, what a difference it would have made for me, even more so if I truly fit the demographic of this program at the time. But I digress.

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Queen Sugar

I wanted to show some love to this underrated show! I picked up the book written by Natalie Baszile a few years ago because she, like me, attended VONA, a writers workshop for writers of color. I would have devoured this novel in a few sittings but I wanted to savor each moment I had […]

Lovecraft Country

Last fall, I completely entrenched myself in the world of Lovecraft Country; a story about family, dark secrets, magic, being Black in the South, and segregation in the 1950s. As a lover of all things science fiction, fantasy, and especially horror, this show was right up my alley. When the teaser trailer dropped months before […]

White Chicks

In honor of Black History Month, I’ve decided to review a film or TV show in which the producers, directors, and actors are Black or mostly Black. I’d like to take a moment and revisit this comedy from the Wayans family. Our boys, Shawn and Marlon star and it’s directed by their older brother, Keenan […]

Juanita Deserved Better than this film

Today is International Women’s Day and I had the pleasure of finishing this lovely endearing novel, Dancing on the Edge of the Roof by Sheila Williams this morning. It would qualify under women’s and/or chick lit (is that still a “genre” anymore? I haven’t checked) and a pleasure to read. Reading two to three chapters every morning was a delight and I couldn’t wait to sit in bed and dive into Juanita’s world, cooking at the Paper Moon Diner in Montana. Which is why the Netflix film adaptation of this novel, renamed simply “Juanita” was really a disservice to this book published over a decade ago. Continue reading “Juanita Deserved Better than this film”

Remembering 9/11

Twin Towers

I was a sophomore at NYU. My daily morning routine was to turn on NY1 to be informed about any train delays I should know about, the weather, and basic current events. I was living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my mother and she was sleeping. I stepped out of the apartment, rushing to catch the L train into Manhattan. I was going to be late for my Race and Ethnicity class. On TV, I saw footage of the first plane in the North Tower of the World Trade Center but the reality didn’t connect at first. I dismissed this footage as the 90s footage of a bomb at the bottom of the World Trade Center. I thought nothing of this. Continue reading “Remembering 9/11”

MFA Graduation Post

It’s been eight months since I graduated from my MFA program. This month, a new cohort starts their journey with the writing program while the cohort a year after me graduates in December. I envy that excitement of the unknown to both cohorts in my program this year. Continue reading “MFA Graduation Post”

Last Semester of Graduate School

It has arrived! How did two and a half years of school fly by? I’m ready and I’m not ready.

I’m ready because I’m already in the throes of the world. When I’m not at school, I’m at my job, possibly beginning my career as a technical writer and using that tech money to pay off my loans! Continue reading “Last Semester of Graduate School”