On The Move


A few weeks ago, I applied to the last full residency program on my list (with three low residency programs left). Getting over a sickness, adjusting to Bay Area life after visiting my parents in the Dominican Republic, starting up a writing group, attending the SF Writer’s Conference volunteer meeting, running a 5K, tutoring for Reading Partners, catching up with friends And being part of a book club were only a few of the things happening while finishing up my application.
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Litquake and Lit Crawl


Last night, I participated in Lit Crawl because I was on the committee. I volunteered for Litquake two years ago when I arrived in the Bay Area from New York City.  Being a reader for as many years as I can recall, I didn’t particularly seek out literary events. Until I first volunteered with Litquake. And then again with Lit Crawl last night.

I had the opportunity to witness hear people of color recite their experiences in poetry and prose. Then I heard women share their sexual experiences and exploits with wine and cheese. Finally, I listened to stories from veteran contributors to the punk rock movement surrounded by books. I was swimming in literary ecstasy.


I can’t even begin to describe my experience as a member of this literary community. I can say that I’m now a member! Observing the crowds roam in the Mission from location to location, looking at their maps to find the next place to attend, enjoying the love of words communally – I was filled with an indescribable joy. These are my people! Maybe I AM in the right city!

Last night I came to the realization that I generally enjoy coordinating events and want to seek out opportunities to do more in the literary scene. Apart from my east coast roots, my first love will always be with words, stories, and literature. Litquake and Lit Crawl are phenomenal. I have lots of respect for everyone behind the scenes making both of these events happen yearly and hope to be involved for years to come.

I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again next year!