Literary Magazines

literary magazines

On the panel regarding literary magazines at the Oakland Book Festival, the panelists discussed how extremely financially difficult it is to put out a literary magazine. This brought to mind, “Who reads these magazines?” Continue reading “Literary Magazines”


Oakland Book Festival

Oakland Book Festival

This Sunday, I attended the first ever Oakland Book Festival in downtown Oakland. So much inspiration in one place from so many different panels taking place at the same time.

Because there was so many panels occurring at the same time, I only attended four. How people were able to weave in and out of these rooms (that were each at capacity!) beats me.  Continue reading “Oakland Book Festival”

New and Improved!

Re-visiting this blog, I realized how much I enjoyed it, even though there were a small portion of folks reading my posts. But I enjoyed it overall! After two years, I’m going to be contributing once more but with more of a focus which will once again, include my MFA process (take 2 for real […]


How do you connect with other writers? At work, I overheard two co-workers discussing writing and I was reading a book as they conversed. I didn’t want to sound like a know it all because I’ve taken workshops, worked in publishing, blog, completed a novel, written short stories, and am familiar with the life of […]

Publishing Your Own Book – Advice from SARK

I discovered SARK three years ago and fell in love with her books that allow you to be yourself and own who you are. I stumbled upon her website and had to share her publishing advice. It’s simple and inspiring; hope ya’ll enjoy and check out her work. She’s fabulous. SARK’S PUBLISHING ADVICEPlanet Sark Dear […]

Cocky unpublished authors

Last week at my internship, the first few lines of a query letter read like this: “I have no desire to permanently join your current stable of writers. I have written this one novel and I’ve said everything that I care to say within it.” Who sends this to a literary agent? Who does this? […]