Insomnia Book Review

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Issa Rae

Awkward Black Girl

I’m sitting at Peet’s Coffee Shop and I immediately feel compelled to tell the world about this book. It’s been out for a couple of months and I bought it at Alexander Book and Company to support this author because she’s a woman and also a woman of color. But that’s not what this post is going to be about. Why I feel compelled to write about Issa Rae’s debut book, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl is about what she’s done without her knowledge.

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The Artist’s Way

Artist's WayAuthor: Julia Cameron

The first time I did The Artist’s Way, I was in my mid-twenties and in a rut. I had writer’s block and was stuck in all arenas of my life. I was working in film production and was all about it but still skeptical. My brother had a copy of this book and I did the 12 week program with a meetup group years ago in NYC.  Continue reading “The Artist’s Way”


LolitaAuthor: Vladimir Nabokov

Publisher: Vintage (1955)

Nabokov’s prose is simply excellent, stellar, and beautiful. The writing is undeniably eloquent and clever on all fronts. The story about Humbert, although, as everyone knows is disturbing but not as disturbing as one might think. In the afterword by Nabokov, he writes how people read the first “act” so to speak of the book and when nothing truly erotic happened, they became bored. I wasn’t bored but after a certain event happened, I remembered thinking, “There are 200 more pages of this?!?!” Humbert is a despicable human being and what he did to Lolita, even if she wasn’t a virgin, is inexcusable.  Continue reading “Lolita”

Orange Is the New Black

OITNBAuthor: Piper Kerman

Publisher: Spiegel & Grau (2010)

When the TV show incarnation of this book was released last summer on Netflix, this became my new obsession. The first episode was okay but the ensemble cast kept me invested. Piper Chapman was this privileged white chick in low security prison who was seduced by money and everything that came with it. All of her choices on the show made me want to punch her. Continue reading “Orange Is the New Black”

Wise Latinas – Book Review

Wise latinasAuthor/Editor: Jennifer De Leon

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press (2014)

During my Screen Free Week challenge, this book literally caught my eye on a stroll through the new books section in the library. This book took me a week to read (I would have finished sooner if I didn’t have to read Lolita for book club – another post) and I feel inspired by the stories in this collection. This creative non-fiction book will elicit my own higher education story which I’ll submit to a publication one day.  Continue reading “Wise Latinas – Book Review”

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Book Cover

Author: Isaac Marion

Publisher: Emily Besler Books/Atria (2011)

R is a twenty something year old zombie. He wears a button down shirt, slacks, and a red tie. He even thinks and talks! His friend, M, is schlubby and talks too. He even makes jokes! These are not the zombies we are used to reading about. R and M live (or should I say loiter) around an airport in an unknown city. R collects human objects (like Ariel’s treasure cove) in a 747 plane. He listens to Frank Sinatra on a record player and actually sings along to the music. On a mundane trip to find food in the “city,” R meets and rescues Julie after ending Perry, Julie’s boyfriend’s life. What occurs afterwards changes the zombies as they know it. Continue reading “Warm Bodies”