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AWP and other things

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AWP is, as I’ve been describing to non-readers and writers, is the Comic-Con for word nerds, with networking in the mix. Some people can find this networking aspect at writing conferences in general, exhausting and inauthentic. I get that. But because I’m not daunted by this at all, I always enjoy these conferences. Also, there was a book fair! I had to buy all the books (but not really, some books were free) and support not only my instructors at school but to the upcoming writers of color as well.  Continue reading


Third Week of Graduate School

Workshop Class

Tuesdays, we discuss the art of crafting long fiction (because we are critiquing the chapters of our novels) so the first part is a lecture and the second half is saved for workshopping classmates’ work. Our instructor discussed the myriad ways an author can choose to start his/her chapters in a novel. While he discussed the possibilities, I wrote down notes for my story, already mixing up my flow for my novel. If anything, every time I walk into class, my brain whirs with information, absorbing and instantly applying those techniques to my work. Can you tell I’m still excited about this experience after my third week? Continue reading

First Workshop in Graduate School

“Write the book that only you can write,” our instructor told us on Tuesday evening in our workshop class. We didn’t do any ice breakers to get to know each other; we just dove in. I loved every second of this. This wasn’t a workshop that I was taking because I’m a writer; this was a workshop part of a graduate school program. Perhaps I’m adding too much weight to the “graduate school” aspect. Perhaps I’m still reeling how the frak I got in, how the frak I landed here, and what I’ll do to make sure I belong here.  Continue reading

‘Twas the Night Before Grad School

‘Twas the night before grad school, when all the through the apartment, my roommate was stirring, by clicking a mouse. My books on the table, to be read with care, in hopes that all my writing wishes come true. Continue reading

My future writing life

The last time I mentioned the MFA, I had accepted admission to Mills College. Well…almost a month later, USF called me to tell me I was accepted! I mean, how did that even happen to me? Even now, I can’t believe I was accepted to the only two schools I applied to. Imagine if I had applied to other schools across the country? But I wasn’t about moving again, so I was happy with my decision. Continue reading

Current MFA prospects

Finally, after putting this important part of the MFA process off for a month or two, I have my full list (which might change based on requirements). Below, my current list I’ll be applying to: Continue reading

My MFA choices

I’ve decided what schools I will apply to in the fall for Fall 2010.

New School University – had a post about how awesome the program is so I’m in.

Brooklyn College – gorgeous campus and potential to have be a TA during my academic career.

Hunter College – I’ve heard absolutely nothing but great things about this program so I’m applying based on that. Plus, my brother actually attended and that wouldn’t hurt for making friends. 😉

University of San Francisco – that’s right, I’m trying again because I will not be stopped in the face of “No”!!

So far so good – I will start writing my personal statements, save up for my applications, work on or edit a piece for my submission and most importantly, get all those damn undergraduate transcripts all over again.  Not to mention, hit up more folks for recommendations.  I hope all I need is two because three is ridiculous.

As for low residency choices, I perused the Poets and Writers MFA database, wrote down a few choices but have yet to research which ones to apply to.  I’ll narrow it down in the next month and go from there.  Some of these schools have rolling admissions which freaks me out because I’m absolutely not ready with anything readable to those committees so I’m doing them all at the same time like last year.  Why does it feel like application time is almost nearing and it’s only April?  I’m already psyching myself out!  I need to chill.

I’m ahead of myself but I do need to work on my manuscript (whatever that may be) because I realized that the other stuff is pie – the manuscript is killer.

What to choose is the question.  That, I’ll have to mull on for a bit.