Wise Latinas – Book Review

Wise latinasAuthor/Editor: Jennifer De Leon

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press (2014)

During my Screen Free Week challenge, this book literally caught my eye on a stroll through the new books section in the library. This book took me a week to read (I would have finished sooner if I didn’t have to read Lolita for book club – another post) and I feel inspired by the stories in this collection. This creative non-fiction book will elicit my own higher education story which I’ll submit to a publication one day.  Continue reading “Wise Latinas – Book Review”


Screen Free Week – Day Two

Tuesday, Tuesday – what a Tuesday. I woke up on time this morning and arrived to work with twenty minutes to spare. Those twenty minutes did set the mood for the day – which was lovely and productive – so I want to make a new habit of getting to work earlier than I have to. This week is all about creating new habits after all.

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