Yoga & Writing

Last week, I had some funky energy and had to take care of myself emotionally, so that affected my flow (hence my lack of post). But everything turns around so very quickly when you are mindful and take care of yourself mentally and physically.

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Second Semester Thoughts

First week of classes of graduate school. TA-ship is going well so far. Jazzed about my workshop class – it’s a non-conventional approach I’m really responding to. We’re doing in class writing, out of class experiences to infuse in our work and some fun projects to keep us exploring the way we generate content before putting it down on the page.  Continue reading “Second Semester Thoughts”

Oakland Book Festival

Oakland Book Festival

This Sunday, I attended the first ever Oakland Book Festival in downtown Oakland. So much inspiration in one place from so many different panels taking place at the same time.

Because there was so many panels occurring at the same time, I only attended four. How people were able to weave in and out of these rooms (that were each at capacity!) beats me.  Continue reading “Oakland Book Festival”

My future writing life

The last time I mentioned the MFA, I had accepted admission to Mills College. Well…almost a month later, USF called me to tell me I was accepted! I mean, how did that even happen to me? Even now, I can’t believe I was accepted to the only two schools I applied to. Imagine if I had applied to other schools across the country? But I wasn’t about moving again, so I was happy with my decision. Continue reading “My future writing life”

The Southside Stories – Chapter 3

When I was in junior high school, as most kids in my neighborhood, my summers were spent on the stoop. I had friends and cousins I hung out with. We played Uno, I Declare War, Gin Rummy (even though we knew it as Three and Two), Spit, and people watched.

While other kids went to Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic for the whole summer, I was outside on the steps of my stoop. Continue reading “The Southside Stories – Chapter 3”

The Southside Stories – Chapter 2

In junior high school, I wasn’t fat or unpopular; I was a nerd but the nerd that people knew and liked. I was heavy into extracurriculars and liked being in the mix. I dated sporadically; less than more so my other female acquaintances.  The majority of the guys in my school were dirty, inappropriate, unattractive, straight up ghetto, superficial (well, boys at that age don’t believe in personality yet. You’re either hot or not), or just straight up stupid. Even at that age, regardless of looks, I couldn’t handle dumb boys. Plus, my vocabulary was expansive before I entered high school. I started at eleventh grade level English as a sophomore! Continue reading “The Southside Stories – Chapter 2”