Remembering 9/11

Twin Towers

I was a sophomore at NYU. My daily morning routine was to turn on NY1 to be informed about any train delays I should know about, the weather, and basic current events. I was living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my mother and she was sleeping. I stepped out of the apartment, rushing to catch the L train into Manhattan. I was going to be late for my Race and Ethnicity class. On TV, I saw footage of the first plane in the North Tower of the World Trade Center but the reality didn’t connect at first. I dismissed this footage as the 90s footage of a bomb at the bottom of the World Trade Center. I thought nothing of this. Continue reading “Remembering 9/11”


Wise Latinas – Book Review

Wise latinasAuthor/Editor: Jennifer De Leon

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press (2014)

During my Screen Free Week challenge, this book literally caught my eye on a stroll through the new books section in the library. This book took me a week to read (I would have finished sooner if I didn’t have to read Lolita for book club – another post) and I feel inspired by the stories in this collection. This creative non-fiction book will elicit my own higher education story which I’ll submit to a publication one day.  Continue reading “Wise Latinas – Book Review”

Screen Free Week – Day Two

Tuesday, Tuesday – what a Tuesday. I woke up on time this morning and arrived to work with twenty minutes to spare. Those twenty minutes did set the mood for the day – which was lovely and productive – so I want to make a new habit of getting to work earlier than I have to. This week is all about creating new habits after all.

Continue reading “Screen Free Week – Day Two”

Wonder Boys

Author: Michael Chabon

Published by: Random House (1995)

Grady Tripp is a professor and a writer at a Pittsburgh university. His friend and editor, Terry Crabtree, visits for WordFest, which is a college sponsored weekend for agents and publishers to speak to aspiring writers on campus.

One of Grady’s students, James Leer, is a shy and quiet boy who is obsessed with moving pictures and almost kills himself but Grady stops him. From then on, James, Grady, and Terry are involved in wicked shenanigans all weekend long. Continue reading “Wonder Boys”