My future writing life

The last time I mentioned the MFA, I had accepted admission to Mills College. Well…almost a month later, USF called me to tell me I was accepted! I mean, how did that evenĀ happen to me? Even now, I can’t believe I was accepted to the only two schools I applied to. Imagine if I had applied to other schools across the country? But I wasn’t about moving again, so I was happy with my decision. Continue reading “My future writing life”


MFA Acceptance

Here it is – that moment I’ve been working towards this whole time – I’ve been accepted to the Masters of Art Creative Writing Program at Mills College. I’m in! Continue reading “MFA Acceptance”

The Application Letter

I recently got my copy of The Creative Writing MFA Handbook by Tom Kealey back from a friend who borrowed it (and was accepted to Goddard College) and was transported back to two years ago when I was in the “MFA zone.” All I did was research, revise my story, research some more, talk to people, research some more, and prayed I’d get into an MFA program. When I was rejected by all seven schools, I took a break. But man, it was brutal to try to put yourself on the page, sell yourself, and want to study with other writers. Continue reading “The Application Letter”

Rejection Letter for MFA program

March of this year, I received a rejection letter from the University of Arizona. The letter went something like this:

Continue reading “Rejection Letter for MFA program”

Late Night Writing

This morning, I finished a short story for my writing workshop. I was enchanted and completely involved in my story like I’ve never been before. I was lost in the story, I liked what I was writing, and although I know the tale has many places where it can benefit from some description, the first […]

MFA applications – 2nd round

I’m writing. I’m reading. I’m reading about writing. I’m reading about writing as a writer. I’m writing about writing and reading. I’m doing the work. But I’m not MFA application ready. I want to be so solid that I’m a shoe in. I want to spend another year thoroughly researching my programs and have a […]

The Biography Channel

I am obsessed with the Biography Channel lately. I came upon this channel one night as they showed a special on Animal House. Although not a huge fan of the movie (maybe I wasn’t ready for it the first time I watched it?), I was entranced by the behind the scenes aspect of the two-hour […]