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Literary Magazines

literary magazines

On the panel regarding literary magazines at the Oakland Book Festival, the panelists discussed how extremely financially difficult it is to put out a literary magazine. This brought to mind, “Who reads these magazines?” Continue reading


Documented – Define American

DocumentedLast night I attended a screening of the film, Documentedwritten, directed, and produced by Jose Antonio Vargas who is an undocumented American from the Philippines. His film was about his undocumented status and you wonder, why hasn’t he been deported? Well, he doesn’t pose a threat because he’s a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, he pays taxes, and he has become a productive member of America.   Continue reading

Orange Is the New Black

OITNBAuthor: Piper Kerman

Publisher: Spiegel & Grau (2010)

When the TV show incarnation of this book was released last summer on Netflix, this became my new obsession. The first episode was okay but the ensemble cast kept me invested. Piper Chapman was this privileged white chick in low security prison who was seduced by money and everything that came with it. All of her choices on the show made me want to punch her. Continue reading

An Ode to Friday Night Lights


For those of you that don’t know about FNL – the acronym stands for Friday Night Lights, the TV show. I’m the kind of person that primarily watches content regarding the supernatural – think BTVS (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Roswell, Angel, Supernatural, Grimm, and TVD (The Vampire Diaries). Having never watched the movie that spawned the TV show, I decided to give FNL a chance. Here’s some fun trivia, though. I actually chose to watch because of Jesse Plemons. I started watching the show the day the series finale premiered. Over the course of a few months, I devoured Breaking Bad and ended the show around President’s Day weekend. I recall checking out Plemons filmography on IMDB because he was on the last season of Breaking Bad. FNL was there. Prior to watching Breaking Bad, I had started watching Parenthood (okay, so I do watch a few shows that are grounded in reality but I don’t look for these shows on my own; it’s always a recommendation from a friend) and there were many people from Parenthood that had previously been on FNL. What the hell? I thought. What did I have to lose other than time? Continue reading

A Life in the Movies

I stumbled upon Andy’s blog post on Fandango Groovers Movie Blog that invites fellow bloggers to choose their favorite movie for all the years they have been alive on the planet. Without further adieu, I will include my 29 favorite pictures (with a few runner ups mentioned). Continue reading

Screen Free Week

Upon participation in the National Unplugging Day last month, I researched another type of “unplugging” ritual.

Every year, the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood (CCfC) sponsor a Screen Free Week (formerly TV-Turnoff) where communities, families, schools, and children use their free time to do other things rather than stay inside and watch TV, usually in the Spring time. This year, Screen Free week has been delegated to April 18th-24th.

I’ve declared my own Screen Free Week, which for me means no TV or movie watching on my computer or on my PS3. However, the rules of the National Unplugging Day do not apply here. I am able to text, email, and read the news online. I however, cannot participate in any video online streaming media at all – not even music videos.

As a writer, it’s easy to distract oneself with noise. This week, I have no excuse because I won’t have anything to watch. Instead, I’ll focus on reading, writing, catching up with friends, and anything that doesn’t include media watching.

As for social gatherings, movies and other media events occur so those can happen because I’m with friends. By myself, is something completely different.

I’ll be providing updates each day with my activities.

Won’t you join me in a week of abandoning visual media and participating in something else for a change?

National Day of Unplugging 2011

This weekend, I participated in National Day of Unplugging created by the Sabbath Manifesto last year. This “unplugging” took place sundown on March 4th and ended sundown on March 5th; essentially, it was for non-Jews to practice Sabbath in their own way.

Because I read an article about the unplugging at 1 am on March 5th, I vowed to plug back in 1 am on March 6th. As soon as I read the article, I shared the link on Facebook, tweeted it then I turned off my computer.

Continue reading