The MFA Part Deux

The season for MFA applications is upon us. I have nothing suitable to send out (right now) but luckily for me, my preferred school (The University of San Francisco) receives their applications early next year.

I’m more confident about my writing even though the same issues keep cropping up (show, don’t tell; abrupt tense changes; subpar endings) but the fact that I’m aware of my weaknesses means I’m on the right track. The focus is to remedy those weaknesses and tighten my strengths in my work. Continue reading “The MFA Part Deux”


Post GRE

The experience was not as daunting as I expected it to be.  The most harrowing part of taking the test is the Pre-test taking!

First you enter a room where they hand you a disclaimer that states you understand that you cannot share any information on the GRE with anyone, you cannot have anything in your pockets (and by anything they do mean anything, not even a piece of paper, your chap stick, definitely not your cell phone, eye drops, a pen, a paper clip – Nothing!), and they make you write this statement in cursive in a section beneath it.  You receive a key and a locker for your belongings.  Additionally, you cannot wear a sweater, a bandanna, or a hat.  Not to mention that of course you are prohibited from eating or drinking in the testing area.  It doesn’t stop there.

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Last CAT Practice Test

I took my last CAT GRE test on the Princeton Review website and I am very relaxed about the whole thing. My math score went up by 100 points which means I just need to pace myself and really do the problems.  What is interesting to observe is how my score changes based on my […]

Third Practice CAT Test

Took a third practice CAT test and my scores were not as high as the second CAT test.  The good thing about this outcome is I know where my strengths and weaknesses lie and how to tackle them.  As always, I’m not a math whiz so my math score dropped about 100 points but it’s […]

The Final Countdown…

Studying for the GRE was at times grueling, frustrating, and downright demeaning.  Why should I have to subject myself to take this gosh forsaken standardized test for school?  But alas, some of my choices do require it so I registered for the freaking thing. With the date steadily approaching, I am much more calm, cool, […]

Second CAT GRE Test

After days and hours of GRE practice with words and basic math, I was able to score a 900 on my second CAT test via the Princeton Review website.  I was excited and I couldn’t believe how much I improved in a short amount of time. My first CAT test was 750 – more on […]