Instead Of

Instead of writing…I’ve been spending time with a new kool guy that makes me happy. I’m having a great time but I’ve been crazy distracted.

Instead of writing…I’ve been celebrating my birthday month. Every year, March is my busiest month because I make the time to celebrate me and partake in all the activities I don’t participate in during the school year (karaoke, bowling, salsa dancing, group movie watching in the theaters).

Instead of writing…I’ve been stuck. Stuck about this novel. Stuck about how to write this thing. And scared that I might have already bored myself because it’s so daunting. Like this novel is bigger than I am and I owe it to my audience to make sure it’s perfect.

Instead of writing…I’m blogging. My excuse is I’ll blog out the distractions and get into the work. (That never works.)

Instead of reading…I’m watching a TV show, like True Detective with my roommate, which is a well-written show, but realistically doesn’t assist or provide any inspiration for my current novel.

Instead of reading…I’m scanning social media accounts because of a little thing called procrastination that does not help me get my assignments completed.

Instead of reading…I’m scanning headlines and articles that are interesting but again, don’t help me get the job done. Inspiration for later but not for the present.

But acknowledgment starts something, right? Hopefully after this post, what’ll replace the “Instead of…” thread is that I’ll either be reading or writing instead of the other fun distractions.

Oh and I’m that excited about AWP that I just can’t quite hide it.

giphy (4).gif

Full recap upon return! Because there’s No way I can have this much fun and recap every night. I’ll try but I doubt I’ll get anything down ’til after it’s over. Peace!



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