Writer Shenanigans

I’m so behind ya’ll. Life and stuff. But ya know the da deal.

What’s working this semester is how both my workshop and seminar classes are complementing each other in the best way. I’m experimenting with different aspects of craft writing in the workshop and reading experimental works that convey different meanings based on the techniques the work is rendered. Ahh, to read and write, what a luxury.

I’m reading Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist this week and her work is inciting so many ideas for future essays and works of fiction. It’s great how easily inspired we are by other writers.

We are currently on Spring Break (as of this past Friday) and I don’t have classes for two weeks! I have a large amount of work to do for my classes so the plan is not to leave my assignments until the last minute! That is always the plan, but does it always work out that way? Of course it doesn’t.

I’m also looking into writing for my favorite magazines as a freelance writer. But mostly trying to write for online publications. Writing for my school newspaper has me in the zone. I want to keep creating content in some form or another. This momentum will keep me invested and writing creatively.

AWP is coming up! My flight and ticket have been bought! I don’t have to pay for a hotel! And March is birthday month! Lots of exclamations! Can you tell I’m excited?!

Next week I won’t have class but I’ll post for any writer shenanigans I’ll be getting into. Whatever those look like.

Until next time!

Beatles wave.gif

R.I.P. George Martin. We wouldn’t have the Beatles if it wasn’t for him.



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