Yoga & Writing

Last week, I had some funky energy and had to take care of myself emotionally, so that affected my flow (hence my lack of post). But everything turns around so very quickly when you are mindful and take care of yourself mentally and physically.

I haven’t mentioned this at all (or maybe I have, I forget) but I’m on a journey to create a consistent yoga practice that begins this year and will continue to be a part of my life until I exhale my last breath. I’ve always been a chubby teenager, trying to lose those pounds every year as a new year’s resolution, but this year, I chose something different. I choose to practice yoga consistently because if you’re not doing what feels good, why do it? What I’ve gained on this journey is the ability to lessen stress, be kind and gentle to my body (HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training for those that don’t know – may work for some people but not for my joints), not sweat the small stuff, and deepen my flexibility. I walk taller, feel more grounded, and I feel leaner too.

Yoga is helping me combat resistance (I’ll get to that in a bit) and my Inner Censor that loves to sabotage me.

As I enter the third week of this semester, I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions but am keeping a level head. In being connected to all the activities on campus (contributing to school newspaper, podcast, and TAship), I’m focusing more on my craft more than ever. This workshop studio I’m currently taking is helping me bring the fun and exploration back into writing. Last semester, as much as I enjoyed my instructor and the format, I spent so much time reading other people’s work (which allows you to learn about your writing while recognizing the merit in others’ writing) but I wasn’t coming to the page as much. Although I have been preoccupied with looking for a job outside of school, when I do come to the page, I’m not struggling. I’m in my character’s head, I’m learning more about her with the exercises thrown at us in class, and through the kool projects as tools to ignite other ways to generate content as well.

My resistance came from stepping out of my comfort zone. One of our school projects is to make something. At the thought, I scoffed. “I make food, not things,” I told my instructor. But something he said clicked with me: “Make something and see what comes of it.” I don’t think those were his exact words but the sentiment behind them clicked. That resistance melted away and I was on board! I’m enjoying writing! I’ve decided what I will make and I’m really looking forward to putting all this work into it. It’s going to be a kool object.

I got nothing else to say, ya’ll. Nothing but good vibes all around. Oh, and AWP is gonna be awesome next month!

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Vday writing



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