Second Semester Thoughts

First week of classes of graduate school. TA-ship is going well so far. Jazzed about my workshop class – it’s a non-conventional approach I’m really responding to. We’re doing in class writing, out of class experiences to infuse in our work and some fun projects to keep us exploring the way we generate content before putting it down on the page. 

Tonight, we have our first seminar class. Lots of reading beforehand. I know I must budget my time to make sure I have every reading completed for this class.

I’m also looking forward to digging deeper into my work on the page. Reading the books on my shelf closely and figure out the kind of writer I want to be.

An exercise for my workshop class entails choosing a paragraph of up to 200 words, committing it to memory, and reciting the piece in class. I’ve already chosen a piece and am practicing every day. What’s interesting about the piece I chose is that it’s flawed but I appreciate my ability to see the selection’s merit and areas for improvement. I guess that’s what this whole program is about, right? We also have to tell the class why we chose it and I’m already well prepared. I want to bang out the assignments that don’t have due dates right away so I can focus on the writing.

Another assignment for this workshop class tasks us to choose a short story or chapter of a novel and transcribe the work on the page. This allows us to physically feel and see how the words came together to create this story. I have a few ideas and I’m excited to write this out as well. This assignment also doesn’t have a due date which makes me want to bang out sooner rather than later.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to choose a favorite work and lead a discussion about it. I’m choosing my favorite short story by Octavia Butler. The name of the short story is “Speech Sounds” in her Bloodchild and Other Stories collection. I’m ecstatic to share her and this story with my classmates and hear their thoughts.

2016 is starting off great and January isn’t even over yet. Yeah, 2016! Let’s get it!

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