New Year

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As I write this, it’s the middle of the night but I can’t work when the sun is out. I’d rather read, yoga, socialize, or take in some sort of visual media before I generate content on the page. It’s like I need to get out all of the distractions before I get down to work.

This year, is going to challenge me, I feel it, and I welcome this challenge. C’mon, 2016, show me what you got!

I will start my first TA-ship at graduate school, am a co-host for my school’s podcast, will be writing tons more than I did last semester (cutting down on visual media this semester), will contribute to my school’s literary magazine, and submitted a few ideas to write for the university’s school newspaper. I figured, I watch so much visual media, why not write about it? I know I won’t get paid for these reviews but at least I’ll have some published clips upon graduation. This is what I didn’t do enough of during my undergraduate career. I need to write, literally, like it’s my job. That’s the plan this year. And read like it’s my job as well. In an ideal world, I could obtain a job that pays me to both write and read, but I’m not there yet. I’m focusing on my art right now.

This year is filled with firsts. I will be attending AWP in Los Angeles in March and attending this conference with members of my MFA cohort will make this experience that much memorable and sweeter. I’ll come back with a full report but that’s in a few months.

This year, I’m making an effort to be more consistent with my blogging and post every Thursday. Why Thursdays? Because I don’t have class on Wednesday evenings and I can post the night before. It’ll provide me with a semblance of discipline and keep me on track.

Well folks, on that note, I bid adieu. Look for my next post on Thursday, when I recount how my second semester of graduate school looks like and what else awaits me in terms of my work load.



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