Semester End Check In

As I approach the last week of this semester, I’d like to revisit what my life looked like last year around this time.

I was working on my submissions, traveling to the Dominican Republic, reading, visiting with family, researching low residency MFA programs as contingency plans, and trying to send out positivity vibes to expunge my crappy 2014 year.

I declare 2015 the year of Three for me. I turned 33 this year; I had my three year anniversary in the Bay area; I was accepted into two graduate school programs (I could’ve applied to 3 to keep with the number 3); I made a close friend that finally resembles the community I was seeking (and also a writer!); I did some traveling in and out of the Bay Area (3 cities! San Jose, Santa Cruz, Salinas and went on an Alaskan cruise this summer); I became more involved in the thriving Bay Area literary community. I am very grateful and appreciative of the experiences had and accomplishments achieved.

Graduate school challenged me this semester the way I expected it to, so I received my money’s worth. I read a book a week, produced content for peer review, and read my work at my school’s monthly reading series. I’d call this semester a success.

But I don’t want to stop there. I have goals for both winter break and the upcoming semester.

– produce enough content for my novel that’ll have it at least half finished before my Thesis I class in the summer

– read more books in relation to my novel

– edit shorter work to finally submit to contests next year (at least 3)

– submit non-fiction work to online publications and/or blogs

– apply to both Lit Camp and VONA

– Apply to scholarships

Everything else will just be pie! Oh and not to mention that I’ll have my first TA-ship next semester and be much more involved on campus with the MFA program. After attending a graduate MFA reading last week, I welled with joy and emotion. That’s going to be me in two years! The way this semester flew by, I can imagine how quick my graduate reading will arrive. I was impressed by the talent in the room and am lucky to be a part of the USF MFA community.

I’ve learned so much and connected with people; it’s exactly what I wanted my graduate school experience to look like.

Happy Holidays and happy writing to all!


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