Take-A-Step Thursday #1: Consistency

Inspire others

What inspired me this week? I don’t know, myself? I obtained a temporary assignment after I made the leap last month to quit my job without having another job lined up.  I registered for my MFA classes in the fall (yes!). I have a job interview at my school (which would be So convenient) and I have no pain in my ankles (I sprained both my ankles on separate occasions and depending on my footwear, my ankles ache but not recently!)! All in all, lots to be grateful for.My motivation to be consistent about my blogging this week was a fellow blogger. He blogs everyday. Unless he plans and posts his blogs, I’m sure he does it in real time (or not, who knows?). It made me take stock of my blog goals and his prolific blogging lit a fire up under my ass. I changed the theme, added another page, and have been posting every other day or so. I feel So accomplished!

I noticed I wasn’t building an online community. Community is so important to build either at work, school, etc. so I started visiting WordPress’s Freshly Pressed section to connect with folks. While connecting with other bloggers, I have found ways to keep me blogging consistently. I haven’t been this consistent in Months! And there are some great folks on here, like the lovely blogger that inspired this Thursday post!

There you have it. My inspiration for this post. Hope I’ve inspired you in some way!

Happy Thursday!


2 responses to “Take-A-Step Thursday #1: Consistency

  1. 1) You’re brave, 2) You’re braver, and 3) Writing, connecting, staying motivated to blog, and being a writer takes a huge effort. I’m horrible about networking, but you’re right, a writer has to connect but also a writer has to write.

    • Thank you! I’ve been inspired by those folks bold enough to put themselves out there. I know sometimes blogging is a platform for future readers of your work, but sometimes, the more specific your perspective is regardless what medium you’re using (blogging, writing articles, stories, essays, etc.), the more universal your perspective and message is to the world.

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