Literary Magazines

literary magazines

On the panel regarding literary magazines at the Oakland Book Festival, the panelists discussed how extremely financially difficult it is to put out a literary magazine. This brought to mind, “Who reads these magazines?”For a writer trying to land representation through a literary agent or just to have his/her work out there, having work published in a literary magazine helps significantly. But who really has the time to read every literary magazine to see if his/her work is a match for the magazine? And if so, how do you know if an editor will even choose your work?

Other than writers trying to publish their work in literary magazines and maybe those avid readers (apart from just reading novels and short story collections – if that), I don’t know any lay people that have literary subscriptions or read literary magazines on purpose. I, myself, have bought literary magazines and then never got around to reading them! I want to make time to read those but my eyeballs have so many more things to look at! Like blog posts, visual media, novels, short stories, and of course, the screen for writing (like I’m writing this post instead of reading).

Dear readers, I pose this question to you. Do you read literary magazines? And if so, why? And if you’re not a writer and just a reader, what magazines do you read?


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