My First Literary Reading

One world, many storiesLast night, I was invited to read for the monthly reading series, InsideStoryTime that is MC’d by a fellow Litquake committee member, James Warner at La Movida Wine Bar with some amazing writers: Colin Winnette, Joshua Safran, Marie Mockett, and Emily Kiernan

As my first reading Ever, I practiced, practiced, and practiced until I made sure the pace flowed and remembered places to pause for reaction. I revised, revised, and revised some more to exclude exposition sentences or phrases that might have seemed intentional for this event. My piece was a non-fiction piece so I had to read it as if I were reading it to a friend, in my natural storytelling voice.

I invited everyone I knew in the Bay Area (a lot since I’ve moved here) and is the case, eleven out of a few hundred showed up. My small crew of supporters was enough. I didn’t even expect that much so I was grateful for their presence.

I read first, which I liked, and after I was finished, I couldn’t concentrate on the second reader because I was still wondering about my performance. Did I pause enough? Was I engaging enough? Not enough people laughed! I guess there was something missing but this piece isn’t complete anyway. I’ll do better the next time.

How did I feel? Exhilarated. Relieved. Fascinated and inspired by the published readers that followed. I was the only unpublished author in the mix and I felt honored to have been grouped in with them during the reading. Accomplished.

This is only the beginning of my writing journey. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me.

A huge shout out to the readers last night and James, for inviting this first time reader to his series. Thank you all for the warmth! See you around!


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