On The Move

A few weeks ago, I applied to the last full residency program on my list (with three low residency programs left). Getting over a sickness, adjusting to Bay Area life after visiting my parents in the Dominican Republic, starting up a writing group, attending the SF Writer’s Conference volunteer meeting, running a 5K, tutoring for Reading Partners, catching up with friends And being part of a book club were only a few of the things happening while finishing up my application.
At this point in my life, being accepted into an MFA program would be the icing on the cake. However, if I’m not accepted into any programs, I’ll keep going. I’ll write more on my own (my writing group helps with keeping me accountable), network (meet agents), and keep up the momentum. Being enrolled in the UC Berkeley Extension Writing Certificate program is also a fantastic way to consistently be writing and think about writing.

As I await decisions for programs, I’ll continue writing, networking, reading, connecting with writers, and appreciating the literary life creating for myself.

I’ve never felt this creatively fulfilled before. The last time I applied, my head full of anxiety and trepidation, I had taken the GRE, stressed over recommendations, and hated the submission to the seven schools on my list. This time, I’m more in tune with the literary world (Litquake and Lit Crawl have a huge role in this inclusion) and more confident about my writing. Last time I didn’t have a voice yet. I was too afraid to be genuine and write about a subject that interested me. I kept trying to be something I wasn’t. Now I’m happy to confess that most of that fear is gone. Now that fear has been replaced with anxiety surrounding the craft of writing stories: Is this the right point of view? Is she/he sympathetic enough? Do I want this scene here or later? The fantastic thing about this anxiety is that it’s not even scary anxiety but enthusiastic/happy anxiety. This time, I’m on the move and nothing can stop me to reaching my destination. Whatever that looks like.


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