The National Day on Writing

Happy National Day on Writing! What exactly does that mean? Well, if say you were a teacher, professor, instructor, etc, you could potentially celebrate the day doing something fun and creative with your class. 

I first learned about this day a few years in an email from SheWrites. At the time, I had received this email when I most needed it; I was feeling feeling off, down, uninspired, oversaturated with media, and not enrolled in writing.

One of the questions the email posed was “Why do I Write?”

As many times as I’m asked this question, the only way I can respond is, “Because I do.” I don’t know how else to describe the way I feel after I’ve written down words on the screen or paper. I’m lost in my head, my brain; it’s whirring, churning, thinking, and active trying to find the right words to express my thoughts and feelings at any given moment. I find myself narrating sentences or concepts to put it down on paper later (with much repetition in my head). I write down everything I do to recall details later.

I write because I have to. Because I love to. Because I can’t imagine myself doing anything else otherwise. Because there’s nothing that brings me more joy than writing. Because I’m inspired by other writers and artists of other mediums. Because I’m hopeful. Because I’m subversive. Because I do. Even if I don’t do anything with my work, I’ll still be happy.

Tonight in my class, I’m leading a prompt to celebrate the day! It’ll be the first time I’ll be doing something like this in class. I bet I would be the best T.A. any instructor could ever ask for in the future.

Enjoy the day today and write!

Why do You Write?


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