Mills College Day

On Friday, I took a personal day from work to visit the lovely Mills College in Oakland. Sweaty from the brisk walk to arrive on campus, I managed to meet with one of the professors in the Creative Writing department before my campus tour.I felt unprepared because I was going to ask the Admissions questions about the application process and the program, but the person was out sick. However, the professor was able to answer everything I had in my notes just by discussing the program. We only talked for fifteen minutes but that was enough for me.

My campus tour was for graduate students, which I loved. The last time I was on a tour was for USF which was for prospective undergraduate students and not much for the graduate folks. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and did an amazing job trying to field both me and the other prospective student’s interests and questions. I fell in love with all the possibilities attending Mills. So much I can contribute on campus.

I also had the time to attend a grammar class that day, which had me evaluating my sentences and descriptions in my writing. The class, which was discussing adverbs and adjectives, helped me improve in such a short span of time. Imagine how much my writing would improve if I were consistently in these classes for a few years! I look forward to attending the school in the fall of next year, if I’m accepted (I hope so!).

The sun was shining, I was glowing, and all I wanted to do was stay on campus a bit longer. I really hope I have the opportunity to attend Mills College. It would be a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this fantastic community.


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