MFA selections

I’m made my decision. I’m applying to five schools this time around. I know the MFA book mentions I should apply up to seven or more schools but who has that kind of money? I sure don’t.

Mills College. Set up a whole day to visit next week. Very excited to get the tour, visit a class And talk to an admissions counselor.

University of San Francisco. Signed up a for an open house in November. Looking forward to talking more with the folks and maybe setting up to visit a class as well (if that’s allowed).

Warren Wilson College. I honestly overlooked this low-residency program but I can’t think of why. Someone mentioned to me how great the school was so I’m going to apply next year.

Bennington. Looked up the program. I’m invested. What I dislike? The website. The design is off-putting but I’m still going to apply nonetheless.

Goddard. Heard amazing things about the program at this school. Plus, I know someone who attended so it’ll be nice to discuss it with her.

I feel pretty satisfied with my choices. The weird thing about the space I’m in now is that I’m not nervous about applying this time around. I’m going to work on my submission, talk to folks, read, write, etc. and realize that either way, I’m still a writer even if I don’t get in for the second time. I feel confident this time. I have a voice in my writing. I’m not being someone I’m not. Even with my confidence applying, hopefully two time’s the charm?


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