Creative Non Fiction/Personal Essay Writing

I’m currently enrolled in a Craft of Writing workshop at UC Berkeley Extension and this week, we had to write Creative Nonfiction. As a fiction writer, this was difficult to do. You can’t hide behind fabrications of your creativity. This kind of writing is about putting yourself on the page using conventions of fiction writing.

I had taken a Personal Essay Writing class Spring semester and that also proved to be a difficult feat. I haven’t shaken my academic approach to writing about myself when I write non-fiction pieces. I was writing about myself in such a formal manner. The writing didn’t reflect the playful and funny personality I exude in person.

This time around, I wrote about my experience observing a capoeira class my friend currently takes a week or so ago. I approached this piece like a report about capoeira; there wasn’t enough about me and why I was observing and why I didn’t participate. So many questions I had for myself when writing the piece. I had so much resistance when I was editing this piece as well. I wasn’t satisfied with the third draft I handed in for my classmates to read over the weekend. Maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe I’m a perfectionist. I don’t know. I’ll find out what they say this week.

As I write this, I realize blogging is a short form of personal essay writing but there’s plugging of products, services, and/or activities based on the writer’s experience. I guess I can perfect my personal essay writing this way.

I’m going to try to write on a topic each week and see where that takes me. Next week, holidays. Inspired by, surprisingly, The Wonder Years (another blog post, another time).

Until next week!


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