The MFA game

“Why are you applying to these programs at this point in your life? What are you hoping to gain from this experience?”

I’ve been mulling over that question all day regarding applying to MFA programs. It’s one of the questions from Tom Kealey’s book, The Creative Writing Handbook and I posted on a previous post three years ago. So as I embark on this MFA game, I struggle with this question because I’ve wanted the MFA so bad, but why? Continue reading “The MFA game”


Five Year Blog-aversary

Five years ago, if someone told me I’d still be blogging, I wouldn’t believe it.
I was in my mid twenties and was gung ho about working in publishing.
I was living in New York City having the time of my life.
I was working at the College Board.
I was studying for the GRE.
I took the GRE for the first and last time in my life.
I applied to obtain my masters in fine arts degree at schools across the country.
I had visited San Francisco for the first time.
I was enrolled in Landmark Education (more on that in another post).
I started my horror blog.
I saw No Doubt in concert (for the first time) at Jones Beach (fantastic venue). Continue reading “Five Year Blog-aversary”

Creative Non Fiction/Personal Essay Writing

I’m currently enrolled in a Craft of Writing workshop at UC Berkeley Extension and this week, we had to write Creative Nonfiction. As a fiction writer, this was difficult to do. You can’t hide behind fabrications of your creativity. This kind of writing is about putting yourself on the page using conventions of fiction writing. Continue reading “Creative Non Fiction/Personal Essay Writing”