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Statements: how much can they help?

I applied to MFA programs four years ago and am gearing up to go through this again. However, I don’t feel as anxious because I am confident with my writing this time around. And also, I’m applying to only two schools. This post (which I just recently discovered and will be re-visited) was helpful regarding the personal statement. Check it out!

Affording the MFA

Writers often ask what they should put into a statement, and how influential these very short writings are in the whole of admissions. 

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25 Things a Former New Yorker Learns The First Year in SF

Piggybacking off of Bold Italic’s article about 25 things you learn first year in SF, I have compiled a few of my own.

BART is a joke. Public transportation doesn’t run 24/7. If you live in SF, your social life won’t be too bad, unless you want to spend mad dough on late night taxis. If you live in Oakland, Good luck with that. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Live Show?

What is a good performance? I recently went to a few concerts back to back this past weekend, Live 105’s BFD and The Faint, respectively, and discussed a few performers from the BFD concert with a co-worker. Continue reading