The Artist’s Way

Artist's WayAuthor: Julia Cameron

The first time I did The Artist’s Way, I was in my mid-twenties and in a rut. I had writer’s block and was stuck in all arenas of my life. I was working in film production and was all about it but still skeptical. My brother had a copy of this book and I did the 12 week program with a meetup group years ago in NYC. I found myself awakened after going through this journey with my fellow Artists each week. What enabled me to give up this “writer’s block” that I thought I had was the Morning Pages and weekly Artist Date.

In brief, the Morning Pages was a form of freewriting (3 pages) each morning prior to doing anything else. I gave myself some leeway (since I’m not a morning person) and I’d do it at work for three pages or after breakfast but I’d do them. I have numerous notebooks with morning pages in which I thought out story ideas or released any issues that were holding me back from writing in general. Such a great tool.

The Artist Date was always a lot of fun. I did things that I had forgotten that I enjoyed doing. Activities included working on a jigsaw puzzle, completing a word search puzzle, drawing, coloring, doodling, practicing my calligraphy, singing karaoke on my Playstation, playing in a children’s playground, taking pictures for fun, or taking a walking tour of my neighborhood.

The exercises in the book sometimes intersected with activities I’d do on my Artist Dates. I did have resistance some weeks (as we all do when we are actually taking care of ourselves) but I did it and now I’m doing it again.

One of my classmates from a recent class is doing it for the first time so I’m right there along with him. I will post week per week and what I’ve found after each week.

Have any of you done The Artist’s Way? What was your experience like? Sound off in the comments area. Would love to hear about your journey.

Happy weekend!


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