Wise Latinas – Book Review

Wise latinasAuthor/Editor: Jennifer De Leon

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press (2014)

During my Screen Free Week challenge, this book literally caught my eye on a stroll through the new books section in the library. This book took me a week to read (I would have finished sooner if I didn’t have to read Lolita for book club – another post) and I feel inspired by the stories in this collection. This creative non-fiction book will elicit my own higher education story which I’ll submit to a publication one day. 

The book was about Latinas’ experiences, some who were the first to attend college in their families, and some who chose to completely leave and start on their own, by means of education. Being the only person in my nuclear to have obtained a college diploma, the stories in this collection resonated so much for me.

A must read for women and women of color, this book showcases the struggles of being the only one who looks like you in an academic environment and how they survived. I want the whole world to know about this book because when I was in college, I definitely felt alone in a sea of white.

Also, upon doing some light research on this book, I came across a brief interview with the book’s editor, Jennifer De Leon, for CBS Boston, promoting the book’s release. See for yourself below.

Jennifer De Leon interview on CBS Boston Centro

As aforementioned, I will most definitely write my own essay and I might even post a draft on here. Until then, read this book! It’s fantastic.



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