Screen Free Week – Day Five and Day Six

It’s been a doozy for me recently. Friday night, I was so tired from work and reading my book club selection, I didn’t do anything I intended to do and fell asleep at 8 pm. And you know what? I slept so well. My body needed the rest. On Saturday, I had quite the day. Because I had slept so much the night before, I woke up at 6 am, read for most of the morning, put away my groceries (I get Safeway home delivery because I don’t have the time to do the physical shopping during the week), made some breakfast, and went to SF for a Lit Crawl committee meeting (more to come on that another post). I came back and made plans to attend this funny skit show in Oakland named “Oakland Nights Live” which occurs every second Saturday of the month. Unfortunately, my friends and I opted out (we flipped a coin) and decided to watch the 2nd Annual Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival on The Great Wall of Oakland instead. I had placed a media fast on myself but if I’m with friends, it’s not like I’m doing this by myself, so that was actually a lot more fun than I expected it to be.

After watching cute cats doing silly things, we tried to catch the tail end of Oakland Nights Live but instead ran into an empty space with folks piling out. The upswing? We went to their after party at The Telegraph Bar and stayed there until 2 am, chatting, singing, and laughing. I couldn’t have spent my Saturday night any better. I gotta say, my weekend was excellent. I need to impose more media fasts, like all the time, like maybe indefinitely. [pause] Ha! That’s funny. I love moving pictures. That’s crazy talk.

Today is the last day for this imposed ban and for the first time, I wasn’t feenin’ for a fix. I am going to watch moving pictures again but I’ll try to be better about it and use my time wisely.

I might write about my last day today or tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled and thank you for reading!!! 🙂


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