Screen Free Week – Day Four

What a mellowing day. Work zips by so quickly these days. I work in the music industry and the summer tour season is gearing up. I currently work in Facilities at the moment but many departments have been using my services lately. Therefore, those eight hours of work zip by way too quickly; I never feel as if I’m getting everything done! But no bother. I asked to do some overtime tonight and I honestly feel more caught up than I did a day ago. I was happy about that.

Today, I was grateful to have taken the time out for myself. If there is anything that I’ve noticed once the noise of media has quieted down is how I’m so quick to always have to do something. It’s as if I don’t know how to be in my own company. Be silent and quiet without any distractions. And this goes for spending time with people. I enjoy connecting with people (and I have been a lot here since my support system doesn’t live here) so I feel it’s important to go out and hang out with folks. At the same time, it’s always important to make time for yourself, center yourself, and appreciate your own time with yourself. I was too busy doing this and that other with friends and watching media that I was afraid of the quiet. Today I got home and had the urge to turn on the TV and search for something to watch on Netflix. It’s a habit. And this month is about making better habits. I didn’t watch anything or turn on the TV once. After I had the inkling to watch something, I pushed the thought aside, made lunch for tomorrow instead, and caught up with a friend who lives on the east coast. My night went by very quickly. Oh and I cleaned up a bit as well.

There’s something about creating new habits, which this is new for me, that’s opening me up. It’s as if I’ve been drunk with media this whole time (I might have already said that or written that, I’m unsure) and didn’t know what to do with myself. It’s going to take a lot more than one week to seriously focus. For the first time thought, I’m not craving media. This break is nice. The media fast is close to taking a vacation where you don’t have any cell phone service. I can handle this and it’s not rough at all. A friend I mentioned this to on G-chat today asked me, “Are you getting the shakes?” from my media fast. I’m actually not but I wonder. I’ve been getting headaches lately. Is that my form of withdrawal? Or just dehydration? I’ll investigate.

Overall, today was lovely. I am optimistic for the rest of the week and month.


2 responses to “Screen Free Week – Day Four

  1. I’m really enjoying your musings of the week without TV. It sounds like you’ve had a productive week so far.

    • bkwriter4life

      Feels great! I’m decluttering my mind. Watching TV in moderation is the goal when this screen free week challenge is over. I’ll be writing about that as well.

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