Screen Free Week – Day Three

Hello Wednesday!

Tonight, I spent time with my former classmates from a UC Berkeley Extension writing class I took which ended in April. I hadn’t felt that plugged into the writing community, ever, really. My instructor was present, who is simply one of the gentlest and caring instructors I’ve had the pleasure of having, and a big chunk of my other classmates. Since our writing class took place on Wednesdays, we wanted to keep the momentum going and meet monthly on the same day.

Tonight, we found our groove and will be playing around with venues. As I was sitting in the cafe listening to my classmates’ tales of writing and everything in between, I felt blessed to be in their presence. What could be better than being surrounded by my fellow writers? Then, one of my classmates mentioned how he was starting Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, which I had done a few years back and volunteered to do the program with him again. I’ll never forget how Julia’s book made it okay for me to take on the title of “Writer” when I was thinking of giving up. It’s because of her book that gave me the permission to take myself seriously. Now it’s time to re-visit this book with someone who needs that push the way I needed it back then.

Tonight was amazing in so many ways that I can’t put into words. It’s going to be hard to go back to my “regularly scheduled life” of media consumption. Maybe it’s time I gave it up for good if I’m going to take my writing seriously. But we shall see.

Until tomorrow!


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