Screen Free Week – Day Two

Tuesday, Tuesday – what a Tuesday. I woke up on time this morning and arrived to work with twenty minutes to spare. Those twenty minutes did set the mood for the day – which was lovely and productive – so I want to make a new habit of getting to work earlier than I have to. This week is all about creating new habits after all.

Without the distraction of media, I came home with some observations.

Productivity: When I got home, I did some reading, stretching, cooking, and cleaning. This has become a Habit (yes!) and hopefully, I continue to do so. I get so much more done when I’m not losing myself in a TV show or movie. I love moving pictures but this feels excellent.

Sound: I had two occurrences today in which I was utterly annoyed with sound. During lunch, I sat in the plaza to read my magazine. The brightness and warmth of the sun felt nice on my skin. What broke this nicetie was this woman and friends talking louder than necessary. I honestly couldn’t concentrate because I was subjected to her piercing nasal voice. I really wanted to punch her. The enjoyment for my magazine was disturbed and I had to cut my break short. I understand it’s lunch time but I think the act of reading, I realized for me, has to be in an area that’s mostly silent. On the train, it’s fine. Most everyone is zonked out, listening to music, or reading like me. This woman, though, drive me a little crazy. Which brings me to part two about sound. I had stepped off my bus a few stops away from my normal stop for some extra exercise. I’m also reading while I’m walking, which is never a good idea, but I do any way. These two young girls use their boisterous and booming outside voices to talk about I don’t know what – but again, I was instantly annoyed. It’s as if the fact that I’m not losing myself in TV or movies that everything else seems so much louder all of a sudden. Or I’m just curmudgeon when it comes to reading.

Writing: The magazine I was reading during lunch was Poets and Writers. I instantly looked through the submissions and contests to see if I can submit anywhere. I also receive their emails so I made a list. My head is much clearer when it comes to my writing. So many ideas are floating around my mind that I haven’t given the opportunity to do so. I feel a lot more focused; as if this whole time I’ve been drunk on moving pictures.

The Library: I visit both the Mechanics Institute Library (post coming soon) and the SF public library all the time because I’m always reading. Today, a book caught my attention. I’m already reading too many books at the same time so I try to stay away from the library. Every time I walk inside the atrium or elevator to the library, you can hear me say, “Let’s get outta here, Rose. What are you doing? You have so many books at home to read. Vamonos!” But of course I never listen. I discovered a new book called Wise Latinas. This book is my life! It’s about Latinas’ experience going to higher education. Their back stories (I’ve only read three essays tonight) resonate with my experience in college and I appreciate the existence of this book so much. In a city that I want to call my home, I found home in this book. Maybe it’ll help me tell my own story.

Can you tell today was a good day? I think so too.
See ya tomorrow!


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