Screen Free Week – Day One

Today marks my first day without watching moving images for entertainment. The day moved fairly quickly since I work full-time (unlike the last time I did this). When I got home, I read my issue of Entertainment Weekly cover to cover. Can I recall one thing from reading it? Not really. Well, a few things, yes, but it was a nice way to spend part of my evening. I hadn’t done that since I lived in NYC! This was a nice treat.

Next, I worked out for thirty minutes, which was good, because I needed that. I hadn’t worked out since last year, before I sprained my right ankle. Having full range of my body again without pain was nice. This means I can jump right in and work it out!

After workin’ it out, I made a small meal which was a veggie burger and carrots with a peach and strawberry smoothie. I didn’t add sugar even though the smoothie would have tasted better with it.

The last order of the evening? Clean up! I tidied up my living space, kitchen, and me! I conditioned my hair, moisturized, and after writing this entry, will transcribe a story I wrote last week for revision. This was a very productive evening and I look forward to the rest of the week!
Happy Monday!


4 responses to “Screen Free Week – Day One

  1. This is a great challenge that I try every year. Have an awesome week exploring other means of entertainment.

    • bkwriter4life

      Thank you! What have you gotten from doing the challenge each year?

      • I have gone without cable TV for several years, but this is my first ‘Screen Free’ year. I try to use my email as a tool this week and Facebook as necessary for my business.
        What I have gained mostly all these years is time and peace of mind. I don’t miss the graphic videos on the news, they used to stay with me.
        Let me know how it goes!

      • bkwriter4life

        I surely will! You’ll see! I don’t miss cable TV either. I haven’t actively had cable TV since….yeah, can’t recall. Don’t think I’ll subscribe again.

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