Top Ten Paul McCartney Beatles songs

I’m sure anyone who’s a Bealtemaniac or just a Beatles fan, has their favorite Beatle in addition to their favorite songs. My favorite Beatle is John with Paul McCartney coming in at third place (George is 2nd), and Ringo is last (even though I adored him in A Hard Day’s Night).

In celebration of Sir Paul McCartney coming back to the Bay Area to play at the soon to be demolished Candlestick Park, site of the last venue the Beatles ever performed in 1966, I compiled my favorite songs in which Paul sang lead vocals. I have more songs (that’s another post) while will be unveiled on his birthday along with the other Beatles on their respective birthdays. Behold my favorite top ten by Sir Paul McCartney!

“Why Don’t We Do It in the Road,” The White Album

Sir Paul rocking it with just the piano and few lyrics is a delight! It’s such a simple song but the simplicity works. Especially because of what he’s talking about. Why don’t we do it in the road? Frak yes! Let’s do it in the road. With such a kool sound, who wouldn’t want to do it in the road after that?

“Eleanor Rigby” Revolver

The orchestra with this sad song gets me every time. Before paying attention to the lyrics, I enjoyed this song aesthetically. Then I dug deeper and fell in love with the loneliness described in the song. Plus, I have an affinity to this particular song; it was the first song Beatles song I ever sang in karaoke. It was hard!

“I’m Down,” Past Masters, Vol 1

An oldie but a goodie. This is before the sound changed because they were still in that phase when they were being influenced by all the great rock and roll musicians before them. I love PM belting on this song. It’s a fun track that never gets old.

“Helter Skelter,” The White Album

I love the craziness, the cacophony of sound, and the background “Aaah” is a fantastic mix. Especially at the end when the song appears to be completely done and we hear Ringo say, “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!” I always laugh when I hear that. I also think about the history of this song and how the Beatles were almost done when they recorded this album. Ringo had quit briefly after their visit to India and then they recorded the whole album between May and October 1968.

“I Saw Her Standing There,” Please, Please Me

A fucking rockin’ ass song. Every time I hear it, I want to get up on the dance floor and shake it! When I saw Rain perform this song, I couldn’t stay seated. I couldn’t! It’s like “Twist and Shout.” How can you just sit and actively listen to that song without moving to it?

“Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey,” Beatles for Sale

“Hey, Hey, Hey!!!” bellows Paul on this funky track. Again, another rockin’ tune that’s a throwback to their rock and roll upbringing and influences. “Oh Kansas City…”

“She Came In Through The Bathroom Window,” Abbey Road

There is something lyrical and poetic about this song I really enjoy. The story about a girl who is privileged and the guy is trying his best to do right by her. But mostly, I love the way it starts. I didn’t know this song existed until I saw Across the Universe too. I was a casual fan before this film. Now I’m definitely a Beatlemaniac.

“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” Abbey Road

What a bizarre song about this serial killer and the crazy thing is it’s based on a true story too! The chorus (“Bang, bang, Mister Maxwell’s hammer came down on her head…”) is so catchy and creepy and I love the sound of the hammer as well. Still a favorite of mine. The Beatles make this morbid song a fun one.

“Long Tall Sally,” Past Masters, Vol. 1

Frak yes, PM rocking it out with another throwback sound. I think of the energy on that record and how amazing they must have been when they performed at the Cavern Club or when they were in Germany. I’m transported there every time. That sick energy.

“We Can Work It Out,” Past Masters, Vol 2

When I saw Sir Paul perform at Yankee Stadium in 2011, he said that the reason that the Beatles songs are still so well-loved is because they were singing about love and understanding. He said that to the audience before he sang this song for us and I have a great appreciation for this gem.

There you have it folks. What are your favorites?


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