Screen Free Week – 2014 Edition

Screen Free Week is upon us, folks! The last time I participated in this event was three years ago. I was unemployed living in New York City, had declared my move to San Francisco, and had a booming social life. The difference now? I live in Oakland while working in San Francisco but my social life isn’t as booming. I’ve barely been in the Bay Area for two years and I haven’t found my tribe yet. Hence, the TV watching, but I’ll get to that in a bit. In New York City, I had close pals to call whenever I felt sad, lonely, or frustrated with life. I attended house parties with party games, movies with cinephile friends, made dinner and caught up with friends, attended book club with friends, and hung out with folks that were important to me. Since I still feel pretty new to the Bay Area, I have some folks that are acquaintances that could potentially turn into solid friendships but I don’t have that one friend or friends I feel fully comfortable calling up when I’ve had a crappy day. I didn’t realize that finding deep connections with people would be so hard! I can’t imagine what this must feel like for people moving to NYC which has way more folks than the Bay Area. But I digress.

The way I cope is through media. It’s always been my way and will never change. I’ve been coping with homesickness through moving pictures. Especially television shows because they are long and I can take my time consuming them. I recently finished watching Friday Night Lights and now I don’t know what to do with myself. Which is why I’m choosing to do this media fast. In addition to this unplugging of media, I’m giving up sugar (I’m positive I tried to give up chocolate the last time too), making a conscious effort to blog (this blog or my horror blog), exercising 30-45 minutes, and cleaning up my workspace or home for 30 minutes for the month of May. I’m trying to create new habits that will add to my productivity. I realized I am awful at time management and following through on anything. When I get home, all I want to do is watch whatever TV show I’m watching at the moment. I want to change that because I have a vision for my future and indulging in unproductive habits will not produce the results to get there.

This May is going to be Mad, but in a good way.

Screen Free Week starts on Monday, May 5th and ends on Sunday, May 11th. Similar to the last time I participated, I will be including what I did on each day and any new insights that are revealed. Join me and see what you’ll discover for yourself!


3 responses to “Screen Free Week – 2014 Edition

  1. I used to participate in TV free week before it ever became Screen Free Week. I have been without TV for a long time now and actually forgot about it. So last month when I came upon Screen Free Week, I decided to join in. I work in a library, so I made a display near the front door with books about alternative activities and a stack of pledge cards.

    • bkwriter4life

      I can’t live without a TV even though people are using TV differently these days. I don’t have cable so my TV has Netflix. It’s the only thing I watch, really. So you don’t watch movies or TV shows at all?

      • I have a streaming Netflix account right now but I watch one or two shows a night and go to bed pretty early. Writing novels is my second job so there’s not much time. I officiate weddings and play music at different venues around town. I have a guitar student. My time is stretched thin. Oh and I’m doing a 6 week online class on WordPress websites.

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