A.C.T. Stuck Elevator Review


I recently went to see Stuck Elevator at the American Conservatory Theater recently. Having gone and seen Dead Metaphor, which for this New Yorker was DOA, I was skeptical about this 90 minute play about a Chinese illegal immigrant’s experience being trapped in a Bronx elevator. To say I was actually surprised to have enjoyed the picture was an understatement. The subtitles in both English and Chinese was a delight. I kept studying the Chinese characters and promised myself I would venture out and learn some Chinese when I had the time. The songs were catchy, melodic, and funny. The acting was absolutely superb. Additionally, the  set design which consisted of a scant elevator fixture in the middle of the stage was utilized masterfully by every actor in the cast.

Joel Perez, who plays Marco and other characters, stood out the most because his singing reminded me of In The Heights, and after reading his mini bio, I can see why. He toured internationally with the play and I’m pretty sure he was a major character in the play. His charisma shone throughout his performance.

I gotta give props to the lead, Julius Ahn, who was able to hold the viewers attention with each syllable he uttered. His presence worked well for the performance and I could not have imagined anyone else in the role.

Even though the play was 90 minutes, I felt that this play based on real events did stretch out a little longer than necessary but was able to make itself relevant and entertaining with each song.

Stuck Elevator is playing until April 28th at ACT and you should check it out for a fun and engaging evening.


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