Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Book Cover

Author: Isaac Marion

Publisher: Emily Besler Books/Atria (2011)

R is a twenty something year old zombie. He wears a button down shirt, slacks, and a red tie. He even thinks and talks! His friend, M, is schlubby and talks too. He even makes jokes! These are not the zombies we are used to reading about. R and M live (or should I say loiter) around an airport in an unknown city. R collects human objects (like Ariel’s treasure cove) in a 747 plane. He listens to Frank Sinatra on a record player and actually sings along to the music. On a mundane trip to find food in the “city,” R meets and rescues Julie after ending Perry, Julie’s boyfriend’s life. What occurs afterwards changes the zombies as they know it. Continue reading “Warm Bodies”


The Color Purple

The Color PurpleAuthor: Alice Walker

Publisher: Harcourt Books (1982)

This is the tale of two sisters – one, Nettie, is a missionary in Africa and the other, Celie, a wife, living in the South. Through letters, they share their lives, their hopes, their dreams, and their desires through thirty years. Celie manages to shake the abuse with the love and affection of Shug Avery, her husband’s ex-squeeze, and finds herself with Shug’s support. Continue reading “The Color Purple”

The Southside Stories – Chapter 4

When I woke up the next morning, I saw my dad had called and left me a message. I didn’t feel like listening to it so I set the phone aside and checked my emails instead. I was never a fan of the Blackberry but when I got one, I understand why it’s often referred to as Crackberry – because it really is like crack! I can’t get enough of being plugged in twenty four seven. It’s not even like I’m working right now either.

I just got back from the Macondo Conference and I’m waiting on hearing if University of San Francisco will get back to me about teaching freshman English in the fall. Granted they would call me but it doesn’t hurt that I keep checking my emails, just in case.

After I check my emails, I check my account balances. So far, I’ll have enough to stay in New York for a bit before going back to San Francisco. Continue reading “The Southside Stories – Chapter 4”

A.C.T. Stuck Elevator Review


I recently went to see Stuck Elevator at the American Conservatory Theater recently. Having gone and seen Dead Metaphor, which for this New Yorker was DOA, I was skeptical about this 90 minute play about a Chinese illegal immigrant’s experience being trapped in a Bronx elevator. To say I was actually surprised to have enjoyed the picture was an understatement. The subtitles in both English and Chinese was a delight. I kept studying the Chinese characters and promised myself I would venture out and learn some Chinese when I had the time. The songs were catchy, melodic, and funny. The acting was absolutely superb. Additionally, the  set design which consisted of a scant elevator fixture in the middle of the stage was utilized masterfully by every actor in the cast. Continue reading “A.C.T. Stuck Elevator Review”

The Exhilaration of Writing

I start an online Gotham Writing Workshop this week which excites me on so many levels. Not only is my current short story getting tighter and tighter with each re-write for MFA applications, but I will have more eyes looking at my work (and have the opportunity to contribute my comments to other writers’ work)! Continue reading “The Exhilaration of Writing”

The Southside Stories – Chapter 3

When I was in junior high school, as most kids in my neighborhood, my summers were spent on the stoop. I had friends and cousins I hung out with. We played Uno, I Declare War, Gin Rummy (even though we knew it as Three and Two), Spit, and people watched.

While other kids went to Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic for the whole summer, I was outside on the steps of my stoop. Continue reading “The Southside Stories – Chapter 3”