Rain: Beatles Tribute Band on Broadway

On May 18, 2011, I watched the Beatles Tribute band Rain on Broadway. With my newfound Beatlemania, one of my close friends who is also a Beatlemaniac, invited me to watch the tribute band to see how much they would be able to recreate the sixties and how well their covers would be, of course. It was his fourth time attending.

The show was absolutely perfect for this Beatles fan and any Beatlemaniac for that matter. Prior to the band starting, the audience is sitting with a soundtrack from the sixties and Beatles trivia on the two TV screens on each side of the stage.When Rain finally showed up onstage, the TV screens lit up with screaming teens from the Ed Sullivan performance and a screen that emulated a TV screen. The screen lifted up and the band started with “All My Loving.”

From then on, the performers remained faithful to the singing nuances of the Paul, George, John, and Ringo as well as the four Ed Sullivan performances taped in the 1960s.

Every audience member was rapt with attention at the faux Fab Four on the stage in front of us for two and half hours (and an encore!). I wished so badly I was alive and old enough to see the Fab Four on stage. However, having devoured The Beatles Anthology and hearing countless accounts from their perspective, I’m sure (1) I wouldn’t have been able to hear them because the screaming was so loud and (2) the most their set was only thirty minutes! Really? The common rock set presently is at best two hours (even a pop act) so thirty minutes of the Fab Four would have been a complete tease, but I digress.

The audience was perfectly content sitting while singing along with the songs and tapping their feet to the music of The Beatles. I, loving to dance, had to get up for those dance numbers like “Twist and Shout” and even “I Saw Her Standing There.”

As the first tribute band to the Beatles I’ve ever seen, I’d have to say they were pretty amazing. I was impressed and would certainly pay to see them perform anywhere else after Broadway.

If you are a fan of the Beatles, watch this. I’m sure TKTS has same day tickets to pay for them. And even if you pay full price, they are worth every cent because the performers take you away to the sixties for two and a half hours. And what a blast to the past it is!


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