Screen Free Week – Day 3

My third day without visual media went by as planned. Fortunately for me, I had a half day work assignment (12-5:30) in which at work, I read and wrote all day. I even worked on a cover letter for a job!

When I was done for the day, I walked to a friend’s home in the Chinatown area (closer to Manhattan Bridge) from Chelsea Market. The walk was marvelous and was only fifty minutes. The sun was out and the weather was slightly sticky but I was fine.

I met my friend when I worked in film production (she was a PA, I was a grip) but we remained in close contact afterwards. She’s trying to make her own moves in the industry. She had a small screening of a short horror film she filmed with other people in the industry. Being a lover of horror films, the ending and execution was effective. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend.

I chatted with her and her friends for a good four hours and got home around midnight. All I had time to do was get ready for the next day. Of course, I read a chapter of the Beatles biography I’m so into right now.

Day 3 was great because I was socializing. The next two days will be fine as well. But what’s going to happen when I lift my screen free ban? I imposed this ban on myself because I indulge way too much in movies (I’ve seen close to sixty movies this year excluding movies I own and have seen before) and never get anything productive done. The goal is to create and complete a work (I did write notes down for a story I’m working on so that’s good) this month. Intention and visualization are my friends; the hard work comes next.

Until tomorrow!


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