The Lion King

image Recently, I took my friend to watch “The Lion King” on Broadway. Having seen the movie years ago (I think I saw it once or twice), I wondered how close the original incarnation of the story the play would follow.


One thing is for sure – this play was the most aesthetically pleasing performance I’ve ever seen in my life!

There were actors performing as animals – giraffes, birds, a cheetah, hyenas, wildebeests, lions (of course), any kind of animal you’d see in Africa. This was a sight to be seen.

When “The Circle of Life” started to play, the story came back to me. There were a few sections in the play that weren’t exactly like the film (this is a different medium after all) but the message and themes had not changed at all from the successful Disney version.

The performances were absolutely phenomenal! The kids, the adult versions of Nala and Simba – breathtaking.

I have seen my fair share of Broadway and Off-Broadway productions – the good, the bad, and the just plain forgettable – but this was the only one that had me stop and think to myself, “If there were one Broadway play that I could watch and not watch any others, I’d say it’d be this one.”

The emotion, the songs, the dancing, the production design – I was so impressed with this stage production. Julie Taymor has a fantastic eye for beautiful things – like this play. I’m sure that “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark” is a gorgeous production to gaze upon but as for the play as a whole, that’s another story.

If you haven’t seen “The Lion King” on Broadway yet, go see it! As for ticket prices, I paid the mezzanine price ($78 plus tax) with pretty decent seats. I was high up (not nose-bleed high) but center stage. The view was perfect and did I mention how colorful and amazing the play was? What a feast for the eyesight. I’ve never been so happy to have sight in my life before I watched “The Lion King.”

Do yourself a favor. If there is any Broadway play to watch right now, “The Lion King” is the one to see – it has music, drama, beautiful costumes, and a message. Get yo’ ticket as fast as you can because this play sells out consistently. Go! Now!


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