Screen Free Week – Last Day

My last day without visual media was a struggle. The weather was gorgeous, it was Easter Sunday (which doesn’t mean anything to me since I’m not religious), and I had plans to visit a friend’s house in the afternoon. Since I’ve been walking everywhere to save train fare, I was going to walk to Williamsburg […]

Screen Free Week – Day 6

Saturday’s Screen Free day started and ended smoothly. Because I was attending a birthday party in the evening, I baked cookies and vegan brownies all morning. I didn’t even eat lunch until three in the afternoon. The baking was easy, fun, and dangerous; I kept eating cookies with each batch I made. I was scheduled […]

Screen Free Week – Day 5

My fifth day without visual media was just right. I hung out with one of my BFF’s at a Starbucks for a very long time and then we had some Chinese food at a nearby spot – Congee Village Restaurant – which is very well-known for their different kinds of congee (a type of porridge […]

Screen Free Week – Day 4

I had quite a day on my fourth day on this Screen Free challenge. Since I love baking, I baked chocolate chip cookies for a friend of mine who’s in semi-traction (he had knee surgery) and visited for a while. The visit lasted a whole day! Completely unexpected but awesome. He lives in Park Slope […]

Screen Free Week – Day 1

On Monday, April 18th, I received a one day assignment which was nice (money in my pocket!) Working definitely filled my time and was a less likely way for me to partake in visual media consumption. At work, I read the news online, read the Metro New York paper, read a screenplay while providing coverage […]