imageAuthor: Scott Westerfeld

Publisher: Simon Pulse (2007)

Aya Fuse is obsessed with being famous. When she follows the Sly Girls, she uses her hovercam (everyone has hovercams to broadcast on their live feeds aka blogs) to uncover that they exist. When she discovers steel that may be death-making, she recruits her brother, Hiro Fuse (with a much higher face rank than her) to stop the possible destruction of humanity with help from a Tally Youngblood.

This book, like the rest of the series, starts slowly and introduces more slang and concepts to learn like “kick” meaning cool and “face ranks” which is the equivalent of having “hits” on your blog or site that make you “famous” in the country. The third half was a wicked ride; without ruining anything about the plot, some characters wear sneak suits that allow them to fly through the jungle!

Westerfeld’s social commentary on the obsession with being famous was illustrated vividly and realistically in science fiction fashion. Entertaining and captivating, this last story in the series seals the deal.


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