The Other Wes Moore

imageAuthor: Wes Moore

Publisher: Spiegler and Rau (2010)

Wes Moore is about two men with different fates. Both grew up without fathers, have mothers who wanted to raise them in better environments, and started out rebellious. One of them landed in jail while the other is a Rhodes Scholar.

This tale is described through both third and first person narratives via the author. Full of exposition and effortless prose, the story was compelling to absorb.

I found myself wrapped up in the Other Wes Moore’s life rather than the author’s. Both of their stories were equally interesting but being a person whose upbringing was also in an urban environment, I could relate to the author’s perspective more and wanted to learn more about the Other Wes Moore.

Overall, the book is a captivating read; I devoured it in three days. The conclusion, however, is lackluster. The list of accomplishments are important, I’m aware, but there was something about it that didn’t work for me. I get it – but putting everything in that one chapter is a tad superfluous. It was similar to a “Where Are They Now?” segment that could’ve easily be included on the author’s website biography rather than book (which it is – check it out here). Additionally, there is an appendix that provides an exhaustive directory of youth organizations for folks to volunteer.

Honestly, I do recommend this book because of the author’s willingness to use himself as an example for troubled youth and how an extra push changed his life forever. Maybe this story will enable others to look around their environments and try to change a youth’s life for the better too.


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