Ultramarathon Man

Confessions of an All-Night Runner


Author: Dean Karnazes

Publisher: Tarcher/Penguin Group (2005)

Dean Karnazes is a maniac – for running! The beginning chapter starts with Dean taking a run for ten miles or more, orders a pizza and coffee, and eats while running!

This book chronicles Dean’s early affair with the sport, his cessation period, and the day he reinvigorates his mundane (and financially comfortable) life with running.

Dean’s life is fascinating from beginning to end. I devoured this book in four days! The chapters are broken up into time periods and seasons which provide the reader a timeline to follow with all the different “ultra” marathons he participated in.

Even for the reader that isn’t a fan of running (this reader is), anyone can enjoy and become inspired by Dean’s tenacity and full force into pushing himself to the limit until he practically kills himself, every time! This was an amazing journey to accompany him on and I look forward to running my first full marathon in the future.

Very much recommended.


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