The Power of Writing

Being unemployed sucks. Especially when I have to make the time to look for work (instead of write). I feel guilty doing other things other than look for work!

However, I’m using creative visualization for my employment so I’m no longer stressing this teensy factor. I’m writing more often and reading loads (book reviews to come soon).

I’m definitely in a much different place this year than I was last year. I’m not planning a trip anywhere. I’m not taking a writing workshop. But I’m writing more.

Last night, I had an idea about a story based on a botched date I had years ago. Instead of mulling about how I wanted to start, I wrote seven pages in an hour! I was so proud of myself.

I find when I’m not typing on my laptop, I’m much less distracted. I don’t have to suddenly Google something, tweet about something random, check my Facebook for no reason, check my email, or go off track and imdb an actor who was in a movie or TV show I just saw. I’m present and doing the work. It was the most accomplished I’ve felt in awhile and it was my doing.

Additionally, I signed up to write for Suite101 (I’m sure there many folks on Suite101 with blogs) which will keep me in the habit of writing (and get paid!) while still working on my craft.

My writing is stronger this year; I can feel it. I have two stories I’m planning on submitting for my applications this year and I’m excited to hone and edit the crap outta them until I find them fit (with outside critiquing of course, but not too much, don’t want to suffer from over-workshopping my work).

Writing rejuvenates me so much.

I also read Quick Writing Tips: Two Simple Steps To a Steady Writing Habit recently that is so simple but has contributed to my writing success in a huge way.

The power of writing, indeed.


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