MFA Trepidation

New Year, huh? At this moment, MFA programs are being bombarded with applications filled with unseen and unknown writers ready to take the plunge into the world of writing. Well, at least that’s what some think this MFA is about.

Last year around this time, I was taking classes in another genre to take my mind off of the pending decisions on my applications to different programs across the country.

This year, I am researching schools to apply for 2012 and anxiously wondering if I even have what it takes to apply and be accepted into an MFA program.

I’m sure there are the naysayers – the folks who think you don’t even need the damn thing to be a “writer.” I know this! As I write this, I know I’m a writer. Am I making a career out of creating make believe stories? No. Not yet. But the MFA, for me, is not only a playground to push yourself with fellow writers, mentors, and established writers but also a ripe environment for networking.

My MFA class instructor instructed us to be “MFA ninjas” in which we learned the art of hobnobbing with other writers and our instructors. This is how people get their work read and maybe even represented; it’s not about brownnosing but more about doing whatever it takes to get your work out there. I know I can do this in any program I’m accepted into which is why even with the trepidation in the pit of my stomach, I’m taking the plunge.

With anxiety and fear trying to take over, I’m overriding that mess and going down the road that will lead me to my version of success. I don’t know what my version of “success” looks like yet, but while I’m traveling down the path, it’ll materialize in front of me.


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