Freddy’ Krueger’s Tales of Terror: Blind Date


Author: Bruce Richards

Publisher: Tor (1994)

This is funny – just for fun, I’m going to include the synopsis on the back of this book.

Alicia has it all: good looks, talent and the start of the football team for a boyfriend. Why then is she hanging around with “weird” Evan, the nerd? Evan is the biggest dweeb in school and Alicia feels sorry for him and for all the cruel jokes her friends play, but sympathy only makes it worse. the nicer she is to Evan the more they beat him up. Then Alicia’s friends begin to disappear. A dead cat with its eyes plucked out is found in the trunk of a car and a terrible accident is about to happen. But will it really be an accident?

Wow, this summary only skims the surface on what occurs in this book. And what about the “nerd” references? I think it’s interesting how the portrayal of a “dweeb” was in the mid-nineties when being a nerd is actually kool presently. At least in my world I think it is.

Let’s mention the existence of this series. When the last film in the Nightmare series was released, I only assumed New Line wanted to continue this character in another medium (not to mention there were graphic novels with Freddy as the main character or like this story, with him creating mayhem but I’m not into comics so I never read them) apart from television (remember “Freddy’s Nightmares” in the late eighties?), and with the popularity of R.L. Stine at the time, they developed this poor excuse of a book series to lure unsuspecting children/adolescents like myself to consume more of their products.

Guess what? The writing held up even worse than the last R.L. Stine book I reviewed (read it here) and the descriptions? I can’t even believe it. I would prefer to watch a Nightmare film any day than reading this book trying to pass off as decent fiction. But what makes it that much more intolerable was the fact that Freddy doesn’t really make a real appearance in the book. How can you have Freddy on the cover and not have so much as a showdown between the main protagonist at some point in the novel? Exactly.

Unfortunately for me, I not only purchased this book but another book in the series at the time. Can you blame me? I was a sucker for Freddy and I was all of thirteen at the time.

As for a suggestion, I’d say, read at your own risk. Nothing fun, entertaining, or great about this story. Maybe an interesting look at a time capsule into what folks were reading in the mid-nineties?


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