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Reading List for 2011

Inspired by a fellow reader (check out her blog Trac Changes) who created a reading challenge of fifty books this year, I decided to create my own list to follow through the year. Because I’m part of a book club, I’ll leave slots for at least ten books but my list will be for at least forty two. Continue reading


New Year’s Writing Resolutions

I didn’t do as much writing as I would have preferred in 2010; 2011 is a new year with new goals. This time, I won’t create lofty goals that won’t be accomplished. It’s about baby steps, as I always say.


1. Read 40 books in 2011. I have an account on 43things in which this was a goal that I tried to accomplish in 2010; only read 28.

2. Read a book written by Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, and Kurt Vonnegut.

3. Apply to Graduate School (2nd round!).

4. Write three times a week (even if it’s for twenty minutes).

5. Read literary magazines. I bought a bunch at the literary fair sometime in the summer, I believe, and I have not read them. I need to see what kind of writing the universities churn out. I won’t change my style but at least I’ll know what I’m going up against.


Short, simple, and sweet. Too many goals sometimes get thrown in the mix and then one feels overwhelmed. I’m ready to have another awesomely packed year! 2011 will be the year of many accomplishments. 🙂