Bad Dreams by R.L. Stine

I haven’t read a R.L. Stine since the mid-nineties.  I tried to read something from him in the early 2000s but I couldn’t finish the work. The title was Dangerous Girls which was a vampire novel, prior to the Twilight series.

When I found him on Twitter, I decided to re-visit some of his earlier work – well the work I’m most familiar with which is the Fear Street series. When I really like an author – I make sure to read all of his/her work. Therefore, being the nerd that I was, I joined the Fear Street club which meant – you guessed it – receiving every single book as it was published to my home (just like me and Stephen King) as well as other fun things like bookmarks and stickers.

I recently finished reading this book and was disappointed. The writing didn’t age well and the ending was absolutely anticlimactic.

Summary: Two sisters, Andrea and Maggie Travers, bicker like crazy. They move to Fear Street, where weirdness, disappearances, and the like happen. Maggie is the prettiest and more social of the two, which creates much bitterness and conflict with the siblings. At school, Maggie is one of the best swimmers, while Andrea is second best. After two accidents with girls on the swim team occur, moving Andrea up in the ranks, along with Maggie having nightmares in the canopied bed left in her new bedroom, Maggie wonders if the two incidents are related. Maggie learns the truth with mild physical damage.

I would devour every Stine book I received the same night; they were such easy and quick reads. This book was so forgettable as an adult. Well, at least I’ve matured enough to read other things. Wonder if the young adults are as into Fear Street as I was back in the day.


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